Is It Possible for Me to Avoid Being Arrested or Charged?

Yes and yes. The criminal process can begin even before your arrest. In certain cases, Scott Brown will be able to find out if you are being investigated for a particular crime. Whenever possible, she will take advantage of this opportunity to convince the investigating detective not to refer the case to the District Attorney’s Office (if a felony is alleged) or the City Attorney’s Office (if a misdemeanor is alleged) for prosecution. Or, if the detective has already referred the case to the D.A.’s or C.A.’s Office, Ms. Saffari will do everything in her power to convince the prosecutor to not file charges or even to dismiss the charges (if they were already filed).

Mr. Brown does this by putting together a presentation for the detective and/or prosecutor which typically includes one or more of the following: an in-person meeting so she can present your side of the story; favorable eyewitness statements; favorable expert witness reports; a favorable polygraph result; and any other exculpatory evidence.


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